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Geospatial Data Analysis Course


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Geospatial Data Analysis

Our core Geospatial Data Analysis course consists of 20 “bite sized” lessons covered under two main categories; Sensor Theory, Atmospheric, and Science and Missile Tracking, Nuclear Tracking, and Air Defense. This is the online training program that can jump-start your career and help you become more valuable to your employer and clients.

Case Studies & Quizzes

We believe that case studies are vital to the development of critical thinking and reasoning. By supplementing lessons with many real world scenarios, we enable our students to develop their skillset.


As a student of UAI International you will gain access to exclusive content that includes ongoing tutorials covering new areas of Geospatial Data Analysis. We are here to help facilitate your success, to satisfy your intellectual curiosity, and to help you improve your skillset.

And much, much more!

From interviews with experts in the UAS industry to industry research and support, our curriculum takes full advantage of everything the “intelligent web” has to offer! Our goal is to create a community of lifelong learners who help shape the future of the UAS industry!

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Adam Overvold - Castle UAS

Got me up to speed quick!

I am a UAS operator located in North Dakota and needed additional training and expertise related to the imaging and positioning coming from our aircraft. UAI Online provided me with a quick and easy way to get up to speed regarding the most valuable asset we have – actionable information from our images for our clients. I would recommend this training for any UAS company or engineers who are using aerial imaging for their work!

Raif Kempf - ISight RPV Services

Enhance your skillset at your own pace

As an RPV pilot, I am tasked to deliver aerial imaging and photos for a myriad of customers and clients. I’m a pilot and needed to provide additional information regarding the images and UAI Online provided me a quick and easy way to enhance my skillset regarding remote sensing and all things geospatial while continuing to provide top notch service to my customers. At my own pace and comprehensive. Thanks UAI Online.

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